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Bloody Mary

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hara bhara

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Fire & Ash

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The Maharani

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Royal Aqua

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The Big Leaf

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Glowing Peach

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Black Eyes

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Milawati  Moments

Archana Vyas
Archana Vyas
Deputy Director

 " I find MilawatbyPriyanka’s designs rooted in our heritageand culture, yet contemporary.

Her artistic taste and experimentation with colours when blended with the tradition of block printing, she creates magic.

I am a working woman, and I look for comfort, style, and quality all of which are delivered in her fabric.

Her designs are evergreen, not flashy yet formal.

They match my expectation and I have received many compliments for her unique designs." 


Soumya Taneja
Soumya Taneja

 " Very few from many that I own from MilawatbyPriyanka.

She has made me wear the most beautiful reds, fiery and rustic oranges, misty blues, bold blacks, leafy greens, sober pinks and it goes on and on.

I have every reason to dress because the personalised touch to each and every fiber to the fabric makes it unique, subtle and classy.

With all the love Live Long MilawatbyPriyanka.

May you keep making us look brighter and prettier every day." ❤️❤


Mamta Prashar
Mamta Prashar

"For the confident, new-age women for whom dress is an expression of personality, MilawatbyPriyanka is the one-stop destination for haute Indian wear.

Each outfit is a labor of love, hand-crafted to aesthetic perfection. 

I feel stately and elegant wearing MilawatbyPriyanka creations and my kitty friends admiringly compliment me. 

On special family celebrations all the women of the family wear MilawatbyPriyanka and it is a visual treat. It seems we are having a festival of MilawatbyPriyanka creations.

Wishing MilawatbyPriyanka bountiful blessings of success from the Almighty."

Ex Banker & Entrepreneur

MilawatbyPriyanka is upscale classic Indian wear and each piece is handwoven and exquisite.

When I wear their creations for special occasions, I feel it's a celebration of my feminity.

Their dupattas are a style statement in themselves, When I drape their dupattas, I feel it's my crown jewel, absolutely majestic.

Even uneventful days become special wearing from the daily wear collection.

Wishing MilawatbyPriyanka great success and abundant blessings in their new endeavor."


Kanika Batheja
Kanika Batheja

My association with MilawatbyPriyanka and her clothes goes back to 2014, One of my friend introduced me to her.

Her styling is so innovative: From everyday wear clothing to her exclusive range I can get anything from her no matter what’s the occasion.

She’s like a one stops shopfor my ethnic wear. The quality of clothesa and their printing speaks for themselves.

I wish you all the luck for this new endeavor and I am sure it will take you to new heights of success.

Lots of love."


Rohini Sekhri
Rohini Sekhri

Fashion is individualistic... its not what's "in", its what you can carry with elan and style.

Here's where MilawatbyPriyanka is the master of her trade, she knows exactly what "You" want and not what is "in vogue".

Her eye for the detail takes your outfit one notch above the rest."


Dr. Preetkanwal Sandhu Sibia
Dr. Preetkanwal Sandhu Sibia
Professor Gynae/Obst Govt Medical Collage Patiala

I like suits from MilawatbyPriyanka...

...Because they are simple yet elegant "👌


Nitii Nijjar
Nitii Nijjar
Ex Idea Cellular

Thank You MilawatbyPriyanka !

I have always looked Sexy in your sexy suits.

Love you Sweetheart."

Neetu Jaggi
Neetu Jaggi
Business Women

A beautiful dress can be as 

exciting as a poem… And my friend Priyanka

loves to write these beautiful poems."

Seema Gulati
Seema Gulati

Thanks Dear ! 

Enjoyed wearing it. "

Sugandha Arora
Sugandha Arora

Loved wearing this Awesome piece."


About MilawatbyPriyanka

Swagat hain aap sabka milawatbypriyanka ki duniya mein

A world of colours & designs mixed, merged, mingled & mangled on fabrics using traditional technique of hand block printing and handwork

We, at milawat, present the craftsmanship of hand block printing in a new version & statement.

The rich Indian handlooms & fabrics are our canvas which makes each creation rich & exclusive.

Quality & finesse is what we strive to incorporate in every creation that’s labelled by milawatbypriyanka…

Every design is created with "you" in mind

A place in your heart and space in your wardrobe is what MilawatbyPriyanka aims for…

Happy Wearing